PRO BEV® specializes in the design and engineering, equipment sales and installation of draft beer and other beverage systems. At PRO BEV® we are SOLUTION PROVIDERS for all your beverage system needs and add value to every system we design, engineer and install. PRO BEV® has formed strategic relationships in the industry that harness THE POWER OF THE GROUP which adds value, efficiencies, quality products at a good price and an ability for us to be agile and creative in our response and solutions.

We GUARANTEE every new system by PRO BEV® will be PERFECT POUR CERTIFIED®!

Remember: The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of a cheap price is forgotten!  That is why we provide quality products and service so your lingering experience will be exceptional!  We guarantee that our services for your draft beer and beverage systems will be top-notch, with expertise and knowledge that will support any dream and solve any crisis!  The results?  Happy customers and maximized profits!

DRAFT BEER SYSTEMS: Long Draw, Direct Draw, Keg Box & Growler

We can customize your beer system from concept to completion - anything from simple to complex and one-of-a-kind. We are PERFECT POUR CERTIFIED® and Certified Installers, offering extensive experience in designing and installing custom systems. Combined with our refrigeration experience, we understand the complexities and intricacies of what it takes to design and install a system that pours beer at the perfect temperature, carbonation and taste. When your system is complete, we guarantee a PERFECT POUR ! What does that mean to you?  Customer satisfaction and maximized profits!

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WINE ON TAP SYSTEMS: Long Draw, Direct Draw, Keg Box

“Wine on tap” is becoming increasingly popular to maintain the integrity of the wine as it was intended to be and to increase profits. These systems constantly pressurize the wine in the keg by an inert gas, preventing oxidation. Further, by maintaining the proper temperature for each red and white wine, the wine will be consistent in taste, which leads to consistent customer satisfaction. We can customize your wine system from concept to completion, coupled with the proper refrigeration requirements.


In this age of technology, many beverage consumers are looking for instantaneous service and “do-it-yourself” options based on digital reads; establishment owners/managers are looking for just-in-time monitoring systems that help them make decisions quickly that impact profits. The solution to these increasing demands may be self-serve systems and automation/monitoring systems. PRO BEV® is a Certified Installer for systems such as iPourit, iDraught and BeerBoard; we can work with any system that you are interested in using – see some options below.

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PRO BEV® specializes in assisting breweries with their transition “from mash to cash” and maximize their profits by designing and installing brew and dispense systems. Further, we design every system to be PERFECT POUR CERTIFIED® which means your systems will optimally perform, provide customer satisfaction and maximize profit.

PRO BEV® has designed and installed systems at many breweries, including Cigar City, 7venth Sun, Green Bench/Webb’s City Cellar, Florida Avenue Brewing Co., Tampa Bay Brewing Company (TBBC), Caledonia, Soggy Bottom, Two Frogs, and more. For those who have or dream of having their own brewery and their own brands, PRO BEV® provides consultation, design and systems that can achieve craft brewing goals that are customized, innovative and profitable. One way to achieve this is through automated, self-brew systems, such as SmartBrew:

Self-Serve Beer & Wine Dispense Technology


By using a digital screen and patented software, patrons are empowered to make their own choices by reading information about the beverage on each digital screen, have as much or as little as they want, skip the waiting and enjoy their experience. Management and operators utilize the technology to authenticate driver’s licenses/age, to collect valuable demographic data, to manage inventory, along with other system features that help manage the operations.

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These virtual monitoring systems provide owners/operators a monitoring solution that helps them analyze pour information across multiple locations. This helps the owner/operator to maximize yield per keg and increase bottom line profits.

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BeerBoard Menu provides a patented technology and database making it easy to sync your taps with your print menu and even embed it into your website for automatic updates. BeerBoard Display is a digital display of your beer for sale, and can even feature food, specials, events and brand promotions. BeerBoard SmartBar tracks the beer pours vs. beer sold in real time so you can take action quickly to cut your losses; you can also sync your taps/menus from your phone and rotate taps at any time; provides beautiful digital displays. SmartBar Insights provides you an understanding how a certain brand or bar is performing, producing powerful information so you can achieve the best profits.


Mixed drinks, with or without liquor, are increasingly becoming more popular than ever before at any type of establishment. PRO BEV® is certified in Frozen Beverage Machines and mixed drink equipment, such as SmartBar and WunderBar. We can work with any system that you are interested in using.

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Frozen Beverage Machines:

Profit margins from frozen beverage machines are often from 500 to 1100% and beyond! When it comes to frozen beverages, whether they have liquor added or not, PRO BEV® offers several lines of equipment that are user-friendly, high production, easy to clean, have a small footprint and can come in air-cooled, water-cooled or remote refrigeration.  Contact us to discuss the many options available to that will fit your needs!

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Featuring Smartender, which is an automated beverage system, with a touchscreen bar and automated cocktail dispenser. It accurately pours over 600 different drinks within seconds with little training involved. Control liquor costs by eliminating over-pours, spills and free drinks.


Beverage dispensing systems using the “Bargun”, which saves time, space, money and is easy to use. A single gun can serve up to 14 different products and works with any bag-in-box system.

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PRO BEV® is a Certified Installer for JoeTap Brew Coffee; we can design/install any system that you are interested in using. JoeTap is a cold brew coffee system that can serve cold brew coffee in either nitro or “still” formats. There is also the option to have a built-in nitrogen generator, so you never have to worry about running out of nitrogen. Your patrons will enjoy this smooth, frothy, creamy cold brew!

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Water Systems:

By offering your customers purified, filtered water – chilled or ambient, with an option for chilled sparkling water, their experience is enhanced and they will find it refreshing. They will remember what your water tastes like! These water dispensing systems turn your tap water into quality refreshment, while retaining healthy, thirst-quenching minerals. You can think of it as “gourmet water”, but really, it is an essential part to any meal and thirst-quenching need.

Kombucha on Tap:

By serving Kombucha on Tap, it will be fresh just as the brewer intended it to be and ensure return business from your customers. Small footprint and low maintenance is a great way to increase your beverage selection and to increase profits!

Craft Soda:

Craft Soda and other alternative carbonated drinks are in demand!  We can sell and install your choice of craft soda machines, such as Smart Soda which is a machine that serves mineral-enhanced, natural cane sugar sodas, flavored sparkling water, alkaline water and other healthy alternatives.

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Kombucha on Tap


Refrigeration/Walk-In Coolers:

As a Florida-licensed Refrigeration Contractor (CAC1818535), we have the unique experience and knowledge to ensure the refrigeration and cooling of your beverages are proper so they are served at the most enjoyable temperatures. We design, sell and install quality, new walk-in coolers, glass door/reach-in refrigerators, jockey boxes and anything else for your cooling and refrigeration needs.

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CO2 Monitor

CO2 Monitoring Systems:

It is vitally important, and often required by municipalities, to install a CO2 monitoring system in your walk-in refrigerators, as CO2 is a toxic gas if inhaled. We can supply and install these CO2 monitors to ensure that those who enter these enclosed areas are safe.


We can provide you accessories for your beer system/cooler, such as custom keg racks, upgraded door strips, digital thermometers/temperature trackers, etc. Just ask!

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When you’ve invested into your Draft Beer, Beverage and Refrigeration Equipment, it is highly recommended that your equipment be serviced and maintained on a scheduled basis to help prevent costly repairs and down time.

By establishing routine preventative maintenance, this helps control losses and expensive repairs that could have been prevented, as well as helps maximize profits. Not to mention, when your business consistently provides the best fresh, cold draft beer and beverages, your customer confidence will remain high!

We provide Service/Maintenance Agreements for the following:

Glycol Deck Service
Beer Check

Glycol Decks/Power Packs Service (Every 6 Months):

Check glycol ratio, add additional glycol if needed, clean coils, check pumps and lines, check insulation, check motor/pump for signs of wear/potential failure that could cause down time.

Draft Beer System Service (Every 6 Months):

Check lines, FOBs, couplers, pressure, regulators (primary and secondary), check temperature/flow rates, check fittings; check for leaks and potential failures that could cause down time.

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Ice Machine 3

Ice Machine Service (Every 6 Months):

Clean machine with nickel-safe coil cleaner and sanitizer by a Certified Ice Machine Cleaner; clean bin, condenser coil; check to see if the filter, if present, should be replaced.

Wine Line Cleaning (Every 3 Months):

To help prevent bacteria growth and “off” taste, wine line cleaning should be done every 3 months, which includes acid renewal cleanings, faucets disassembled and cleaned, washers inspected and replaced as needed, keg couplers brushed and washers checked for wear and tear, and test pour temperature (as applicable).


We understand the investment involved in buying equipment to start up, grow or expand your business.  That is why we have partnered with North Star Leasing Company to offer valuable financing options, whether it is for equipment financing, leasing or working capital.  

  • Same day approvals!
  • 100% financing - includes equipment, taxes & delivery
  • Fast personal service with a dedicated rep
  • Start-Ups Welcome!
  • Offering flexible terms
  • Leases are not considered liabilities on a company's financial statement
  • Conserve credit lines for working capital and other uses
  • Pay tomorrow's cost with today's dollars and minimize inflation risk

Disclaimer: PRO BEV® does not make any representations, guarantees or warranties about lender listed, eligibility or approval; applications are submitted directly to the lender and PRO BEV® assumes no responsibility.