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Our Foundation

"PRO BEV" grew out of our primary refrigeration business in the rocky mountains of Colorado, which is now located in Florida. We specialize in beverage dispensing, refrigeration, automation and applications. This specialty evolved out of a need in the market place that was evident in nearly every food and beverage (F&B) establishment that we serviced. Our customers were frustrated with poorly designed or severely degraded refrigeration and beverage equipment, leading to a decline in their food and beverage quality and taste, which led to lower customer satisfaction and profit loss to the proprietor. It was evident that this trend showed a major service gap in the F&B industry - air conditioning and residential service companies were crossing over into commercial refrigeration to service F&B, however, they did not have the specialized skills to properly service the equipment. Further, beverage system installers were untrained and not familiar with refrigeration, which prohibited them from properly designing and configuring beverage systems.

Due to this huge need in the market place, we serviced many F&B customers and our business exploded. We especially enjoyed designing and installing beverage equipment and the related technology involved. So, we began focusing more of our efforts on the beverage industry specifically, which allows us to stay on the cutting edge of technology and engineering advancements. We work with restaurants, bars and breweries to design and install the best refrigeration and dispensing equipment and tune it to perfection. The beverage industry is continually evolving, and with the integration of technology, it is possible to provide consumers the best pouring and tasting beer, wine, and mixed drinks - even soda, kombucha, and water (filtered, chilled and carbonated), so they will keep coming back.

Our business is built on a foundation of integrity, experience, and trained knowledge, specifically for commercial beverage refrigeration. Baron K. Brandstrom, the founder of PRO BEV, started his career in refrigeration after graduating with honors from RSI in 1986. Since then, he has worked in a variety of positions that involved refrigeration service, sales and installation. He later continued his education studying Information Technology at Phoenix College. He worked in IT for many years at Motorola and had several of his own successful businesses. Being an entrepreneur, Baron saw a need in the food and beverage industry for experienced, knowledgeable refrigeration technicians, and from that, "Professional Refrigeration Service, LLC" was created in Colorado. While this business took off like wildfire due to the desperate needs of F&B business owners, one prevailing need was evident - beverage quality was neglected, even though proprietors and consumers desired more. In order to expand this service, the business was strategically relocated to Florida, and the business name was changed to "Professional Refrigeration & Beverage, LLC" dba PRO BEV, which more clearly describes our vision and purpose. Baron is the Qualifying Agent that holds PRO BEV's Florida license as a Refrigeration Contractor (License #1818535). We continually strive to stay on the cutting edge of new technology developments, establish long-lasting vendor relationships that will provide our customers with competitive prices, and always develop trusting relationships with our customers. We enjoy helping our customers be successful and rewarded for their hard work.

Our Mission

At PRO BEV, our goal is to empower our customers to achieve the success they envision for their business by designing and installing beverage and refrigeration systems that are easily managed through automation, provide customer satisfaction and maximize their bottom-line profit.

The Simple Formula to Beverage Dispensing Happiness:

Perfect chilling +
Perfect pour =
Less waste +
Delicious tasting beverages +
Happier customers =

OUR Promise

For many years, PRO BEV has been delivering on our promise to provide excellent customer service and unique systems that are both visually dynamic and exceptionally functional. We want you, as our customer, to be happy, which will ultimately be a result of happy consumers. You work hard every day to achieve your dream of success. We look forward to participating with you in that endeavor.